Product Name: 20 Years of Talks

Original vp aida oslo final 2013 10 11 50 100 02

Price: 28

Category: poster


Poster Date: December 2013

Width x Height: 50.0x100.0cm

Poster Description: Twenty years ago, the PLO Central Council approved the Oslo Accord with the Israeli government. Israeli-Palestinian talks were slated to conclude within 5 years, yet two decades on Israel's occupation continues, and the situation on the ground has only moved backwards for Palestinians. This graphic, a collaboration between VP and AIDA (the Association for International Development Agencies), highlights the ever-increasing Israeli settler population, continuing dispossession of Palestinians, and comprehensive system of segregation that define the landscape. In spite of the Palestinian Authority's 'statehood' project, the feasibility of a 'two-state solution' is now widely questioned, while Palestinian self-determination and the return of refugees are barely discussed.

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